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Two lives are about to be changed by one phone call…

When Davey misdials Hannah’s number, at first they think nothing of it.

After all, Davey lives in Texas and Hannah lives in London.

But when Davey gets a job in London, their paths are sure to cross. As messaging turns to video calling, this feels like the start of something.

Weeks later, Hannah is waiting for Davey at the airport, but he never walks into Arrivals.

When Hannah finds out why, her world is turned on its head. And with their future so uncertain, each must pick up the pieces of their lives.

Will fate intervene once more to bring them together? Or will Davey always be the man that Hannah never met?

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My Review

When Hannah in London receives a misdialled telephoned call from Davey in Texas, there’s an instant connection between the two.  They continue to talk despite the distance between them, and when Davey gets a new job in London, they plan to meet.  However, Hannah is left confused when Davey isn’t on his flight, but when she finds out the real reason, they both find their worlds turned upside down.

This was my first book by this author, and I absolutely loved it.  I was pulled into the storyline right from the very first page, and I similarly found that instant connection with Hannah and Davey that they did with themselves.  The story is such an easy read – one which I finished in just under a day – and it tugged at my heartstrings throughout.  The characters are likeable, and I could dreamily imagine how lovely Davey was…and even George in some respects!  The story is initially told from Hannah’s point of view, but Davey’s storyline is added in as the book continues.  It is a little bit of a sad read, all the more so when I read that the author drew from her own experiences, but it also has heart-warming, light-hearted and charming moments scattered amongst the pages.

Filled with love, friendships, hope and second chances, this book had me hooked into Hannah and Davey’s stories.  Their will they/won’t-they, do they/don’t they storyline was endearing and delightful!  Loved the conclusion to their stories, and to be honest, wished it could have just carried on!  Would recommend!

The Author

Elle Cook worked as a journalist and in PR before becoming a fulltime novelist. The Man I Never Met is her first contemporary novel. She is also the author of three historical time-slip novels under her real name, Lorna Cook. The Forgotten Village, The Forbidden Promise and The Girl from the Island have sold over 200,000 copies combined.

She lives in coastal Essex with her husband and two daughters.