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She wakes suddenly. Dawn is still hours away, but through the window of her log cabin in the woods, something moves in the distance. A lone figure in the forest. Her blood runs cold as the shadow begins to walk slowly toward her…

It’s Halloween in Black Rock Falls and Sheriff Jenna Alton and her deputy David Kane are called to a small lodge on the outskirts of town. Jenna is devastated to find the lifeless body of Willow Smith, a military widow whose husband went missing in action and has been presumed dead for years. Her breath catches in her throat when she notices the heart-shaped purple medal on Willow’s pale chest. Was Willow clinging to it when she died, or was it placed there after she took her last breath?

Desperately chasing down every lead, Jenna hears that Willow had been receiving silent phone calls in the dead of night. Witnesses say Willow thought her missing husband was trying to make contact. Wishful thinking of a lonely wife consumed with grief, or a heartless killer hoping to terrify her?

Days later, another woman’s body is found at the bottom of a perilous ravine. Jenna’s worst fear is confirmed the moment she spots a purple medal: a dangerous serial killer is preying on the wives of soldiers from the same platoon, and if she doesn’t act fast, more lives will be at risk.

The key lies in discovering what happened to the missing soldiers, and whether any of them made it back alive. But, separated from her team in a secluded forest, Jenna hears a branch snap behind her. She is not alone. Will she be the next victim of a twisted trained soldier on the loose? And how many more grieving widows will have their lives snatched before he’s caught?

Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot, Chase Her Shadow is a truly unputdownable crime thriller from USA Today bestselling author D.K. Hood. Prepare to be hooked!

**Each Kane and Alton book can be read as part of the series or as a standalone**

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My Review

This is book #17 of the Kane & Alton series.  Whilst part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone book, although I would recommend reading the books in series order.  I wish I had read this a week earlier, as it has a definite Halloween vibe to it, and to be honest it did really give me the creeps at times.  We are back in Serial Killer Central where it appears a military trained killer is on the loose.  This coupled with the creepy houses, spooky woods and phone calls from dead husbands was enough to set my nerves on edge right from the beginning!

The book begins straight into the action meeting military widow, Willow Smith.  From then on, we are taken on a rollercoaster of a plot when the killer targets more women around the county.  Our usual favourite characters are all back although there seems to be a lot going on with them.  Deputy Dave and Sheriff Jenna are still happily married, but Jenna is a little out of character – I half expected an announcement of some sort throughout the book, but I shall wait with bated breath to see what happens there!  Wolfe may finally have some happiness, and well, what can I say about Ty Carter?!!  He certainly had me biting my nails! There were lots of little storylines running alongside the main plot which kept everything fast flowing and exciting without taking too much focus away from trying to work out who the serial killer was!  Like the other books of the series, there are lots of red herrings and dead ends, giving you plenty of people to point the finger of suspicion at as the plot moves along!  The author is so clever at keeping you in suspense, and with the added creepiness of the storyline this made the book absolutely gripping!

The location of Black Rock Falls is perfect, and I could imagine myself walking around the town decked out with its Halloween decorations! I loved the names of some of the locations – Dead End Road, Creeping Vine Trail and The Devil’s Crossroads to name but a few!  It’s no wonder serial killers flock to Black Rock Falls in their droves with names like these!  They all added to the spookiness of the storyline though and had me reading the book with one hand turning the pages and the other covering my eyes!  Even at book #17, there is still so many places that this series could go, and whilst I certainly wouldn’t want to live in Black Rock Falls, I’m more than happy to keep on visiting Kane and Alton again and again!  Would recommend!

The Author

D.K. Hood is THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY and AMAZON bestselling author of the Detective Kane and Alton Series. Her spine chilling, fast-paced serial killer thrillers revolve around Sheriff Jenna Alton and her ex-special forces Deputy, Dave Kane. As the main characters fight crime, their secret pasts are never far away. Set in and around the fictional backwoods town of Black Rock Falls, Montana, known locally as Serial Killer Central, D.K.’s imagery takes the reader into the scenes with her. Given the title “Queen of Suspense” by her reviewers, D.K.’s writing style offers her readers a movie style, sizzling fast thrill ride.

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