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Release Date: 29th October 2021 / Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

It’s nearly Christmas and it’s snowing, hard. Deep in the Yorkshire Moors nestles a tiny hamlet, with a pub at its heart. As the snow falls, the inn will become an unexpected haven for six people forced to seek shelter there…
Mary has been trying to get her boss Jack to notice her for four years, but he can only see the efficient PA she is at work. Will being holed up with him finally give her the chance she has been waiting for?
Bridge and Luke were meeting for five minutes to set their divorce in motion. But will getting trapped with each other reignite too many fond memories – and love?
Charlie and Robin were on their way to a luxury hotel in Scotland for a very special Christmas. But will the inn give them everything they were hoping to find – and much more besides?
A story of knowing when to hold on and when to let go, of pushing limits and acceptance, of friendship, love, laughter, mince pies and the magic of Christmas. 

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My Review

Whilst it goes against all my principles to read a Christmas themed book in May, I will make every exception for this author!  This book got me well and truly back into the Christmas spirit, and I have to admit I really wished I had read it nearer Christmas!  We meet six people who are forced to seek refuge when heavy snow hampers their travel plans and they find themselves in a deserted village pub on the Yorkshire Moors. Stranded there over the Christmas period, they find the pub fully stocked with everything that they could need.  The six of them are all different characters in their own way and all really likeable and easy to engage with.  Bridget is on her way to meet her soon to be ex-husband Luke to sign divorce papers when they find themselves diverted to the village of Figgy Hollow. Charlie and his husband Robin are on their way to Scotland for Christmas, and Jack and his PA, Mary are off to a business meeting.  They are a mixed bunch, but each one of them is hiding some sort of sadness and this is revealed as the story moves on.

It was an absolutely delightful read which captured me right from the beginning.  There are only a few characters (not counting Brian on the local radio!) and this makes it so easy to read.  My favourite, undoubtedly, has to be Charlie who I felt was the one who was wiser and worldlier one who brought everyone together.  I have laughed my way through this book, with some genuinely laugh out loud moments, but equally the author has again managed to reduce me to tears, with such a moving storyline that broke my heart.

The storyline flowed perfectly and as the book moved on you discovered more and more about each of the characters.  This was a heart-warming, magical and sparkling read filled with the lots of love, laughs and friendships.  If you want to be treated to a feel-good read that will leave you feeling Christmassy from head to toe then this is the book for you!

The Author

Milly Johnson was born, raised and still lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. A Sunday Times bestseller, she is one of the Top 10 Female Fiction authors in the UK, and with millions of copies of her books sold across the world, Milly’s star continues to rise. Milly was chosen as one of the authors for The Reading Agency’s Quick Reads 2020 campaign. My One True North is her seventeenth novel.   Milly writes from the heart about what and where she knows and highlights the importance of community spirit. Her books champion women, their strength and resilience, and celebrate love, friendship and the possibility of second chances. She is an exceptional writer who puts her heart and soul into every book she writes and every character she creates.