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Release Date: 21st March 2019 / Publisher: Bookouture

Call it mother’s intuition, but I knew she was dead the moment she was late home. As I listened to her phone ring and ring, that’s when I knew for sure. My little girl was gone. 

Fifteen-year-old Shannon Ross is missing and her parents are distraught. With her long blonde hair, easy laugh and perfect grades, she’s the girl everyone at school wants to be.

Detective Jessie Blake is called to Inverlochty, the missing girl’s home town in the Scottish Highlands, and finds Shannon was keeping a diary full of friends’ and neighbours’ secrets. She knows the kind, outgoing boy who’s sleeping with his teacher and the quiet woman who’s been having an affair with her best friend’s husband.

Just as Jessie and her team are beginning to understand Shannon’s complicated world, her lifeless body is found on an ice-cold river bank on the outskirts of town. And when Jessie tells Shannon’s family the heart-breaking news, she senses something isn’t right. The loving family is beginning to show cracks. Did Shannon know about her father’s alcohol problems and violent past? Why does Shannon’s mother keep finding excuses to leave the room, when Jessie wants to ask her questions?

As Jessie begins to piece together the final days of Shannon’s life, her own history comes back to haunt her. Putting aside her personal demons, Jessie vows to do whatever it takes to catch Shannon’s killer. But what if the killer is ready to strike first?

This unputdownable crime thriller set in the dramatic Scottish Highlands will have you reading well into the night. If you like LJ Ross, Cara Hunter or Robert Bryndza, you will absolutely love this.

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My Review

This is the first book in the Detective Jessie Blake series, and the first book that I have read by this author.  Now working with Perthshire Police in Scotland after moving up from London, Detective Inspector Jessie Blake is put on the case of a missing schoolgirl who has vanished from a small town in the Highlands.  Is this case linked to the case of a schoolgirl who was raped and murdered some twenty years before in similar circumstances?

I do love a new detective series, and the blurb for this book sounded fantastic!  I liked the character of Jessie Blake.  She was a really interesting character and there’s obviously much more to Jessie’s back story than meets the eye!  She is also a tenacious detective, strong willed and persistent in her manner of investigating and, although difficult moving from one end of the country to another, Jessie has proved herself worthy of her title and role!  I also loved her relationship with the other members of the team and look forward to future books to see if she continues to run her team as well!

The storyline was interesting and held my attention.  The opening chapter, some twenty years previously, was particularly harrowing and set the scene for the rest of the book.  The book did have its moments where the pace slowed up in parts, but then it picked up again just as quickly, capturing my interest again.  There are a lot of characters and I have to admit, it does take some concentration and perseverance to try and remember them all at the beginning, but the book moves on you find it much easier to remember who is who!

For a debut novel, I thought it was great!  The story was full of tension and suspense, and there was enough twists and turns within it to keep me wondering!  Whilst some may see the number of characters confusing at times, it did provide the storyline with a fabulous array of suspects, keeping me guessing for a lot longer than I would normally.  Jessie’s storyline was also left open perfectly for the next book where hopefully we will get to find out a lot more about her!  I would definitely recommend this one and can’t wait for book #2!

The Author

Kerry Watts was born and grew up in a small town in the East of Scotland where she still lives today. She is always writing and carries a little notebook and pen with her wherever she goes because at her age ideas need to be captured before they disappear. 

Kerry specialises in crime fiction because she enjoys pushing the boundaries of what it is to be human. The nature versus nurture debate…

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