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Release Date:  29th September 2014

Format:  Kindle / Pages:  374

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thumbnail_The Matter of the Crown CoverThe Crown of the Andes, one of the world’s most precious and beautiful sacred objects, has been stolen right off the stage at Satterling’s Auction House in New York City. Five pounds of magnificent baroque gold that ransomed the Inca Ruler Atahaulpa, and hundreds of perfect Colombian emeralds, all gone without a trace! Will this legendary treasure be destroyed for its gold and emeralds? One woman is dead and another one in hot pursuit.



Thank you to the Author for this review copy, given in exchange for an honest review.  Also thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for organising the blog tour and giving me the opportunity to be part of it.

The Crown of the Andes, one of the world’s most beautiful and precious objects has been stolen.  It’s down to art lawyer Claire Bliss and retired Italian policeman, Baldo to try and solve the mystery as to who took it and where it’s gone.

My first book by this author.  She has written another one which is also about the Crown of the Andes and I assume to be a prequel to this book, but you don’t need to have read that one first.  This book can be read as a standalone. First impressions of the book is that it doesn’t really strike you as anything exciting.  To be honest the cover looks uninteresting and there’s nothing from looking at it that says ‘read me’! Fortunately, the story is much better than the cover!!

The Crown of the Andes is actually a real crown, and is usually kept at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.  Because of this, the book is full of historical facts and as such you can read and picture the crown as you go along which adds to the wonderfully described descriptions within the book.

It is an interesting and fast flowing storyline, and it keeps you interested enough to keep wanting to turn the page to find out what’s going on.  No spoilers revealed but the amount of suspects it could be keeps you guessing right till the end.  I enjoy historical books, and love reading facts and fgures about things!  There are plenty of these in this book to keep someone like me interested!  Not a book that I would have normally chosen, but I’m glad I did as it was an enjoyable read.

about-the-authorLinda Ferreri is a well-known art lawyer and author. Her books include novels about the Crown of the Anes, a novella entitled The King of UNINI, and whimsical hand-illustrated iBooks. She is known, also, for her drawings. She divides her time between Italy and the United States, and lectures widely around the world about art and history. Her next novel is in progress.

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