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Release Date: 2nd February 2017 / Publisher: Fabrian Books

Format:  Kindle / Pages:  344

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51obLS1qHIL._SY346_.jpgBusker Dylan spends his days pulling pints in the local pub and singing on the high street, waiting for fame to call. That suits him fine, until beautiful, but frosty, air stewardess, Scarlett, tosses some coins into his hat but ignores his killer smile and his offer of pizza. 
He sets out to get the girl, but Scarlett isn’t in the right frame of mind to date anyone, let alone a penniless, if charming, busker boy.

Dylan’s desperate for his big break, but will it bring him the happiness he longs for? And with Scarlett’s past threatening to ruin her future, will Dylan be left to make sweet music all on his own?



Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the Publishers for this review copy, given in exchange for an honest review.  Also thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for organising the blog tour and finding me a space on it!

We meet Dylan who is a busker.  One day whilst busking, Scarlett throws some coins into his hat.  Dylan is immediately smitten, and he knows only two things.  One is to make it big with his singing, and two is to make Scarlett fall in love with him.  Scarlett is an air stewardess for a private airline.  She spends her life pampering to her wealthy passengers every needs.  She isn’t really in the right place for a relationship, even if it is charming busker Dylan!  But…she keeps getting drawn to him, despite her attempts not to.

This was my first Jackie Ledbury book.  A delightful story of love and friendship.  It’s a really unseasonal read for this time of year, but to be honest it was lovely to forget the cold and the snow for some sun!

The characters are all likeable and you just fall in love with Dylan right from the beginning.  You know they both carry secrets and baggage but you just hope that they can get over all of it because you know that they are just perfect for each other.

A heartwarming, romantic read, with a touch of humour thrown in!  A great read, not only perfect for a summer read sitting around the pool or on the beach but also for grabbing a blanket and a hot chocolate and losing yourself for a few hours on a cold winter’s day.

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