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Release Date: 26th July 2017

Format: Kindle / Pages: 324

51G+yLqx66L._SY346_Julie Compton’s life should have come to an end in the car crash but instead she woke, unharmed, back in 1972 and primed to relive her life all over again. 

One problem. She’s in the body of a stranger. 

Journey back to the 70s and 80s England where Julie’s forced to jump through the eras, occupying and controlling the bodies of people she knew as a child. She must work out which destiny path was the wrong one, wondering all the while if her body, back in 2016, was dying in her car. 

With each momentous change, her memories transform and she realises she’s not only changing her future but the futures of those around her.


Thank you to the Author and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for providing this review copy and organising the Blog Tour.

Once reading the blurb for this book I knew I had to read it!  I like time travel books and I’m a sucker for such TV programs such as Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.  This book sounded right up my street.  In 2016 Julie Compton is a successful business woman but with a lot of old deep-rooted family issues.  She is involved in a car accident which by all rights she should have died in.  But she doesn’t….she wakes up in 1972, unharmed and alive.  She’s given the chance to revisit the past to change things that will influence how things turn out in the future.  In the future she is childless, her mother has terminal cancer and her childhood best friend is long since dead.  Julie is given the opportunity to look at different times in her life where things went wrong, the only problem is, she has to do it in another person’s body.  The first person she returns as, in 1972, is her childhood social worker.  Can she use this as a chance to put things right and return to her life in 2016?

I enjoyed this book.  My favourite TV program is Life on Mars, and as I was reading it I was picturing what it must have been like for Julie to return to the 1970’s.  I did find it a bit strange that considering it was such an unlikely situation, Julie took to 70’s life and her social worker’s body like a duck to water!  She quickly worked out what she needed to do to get back to 2016, and interspersed between the chapters is Julie hearing what is happened back in the present day where they are trying to save her.

Julie gets to meet her parents, friends and people who she knew throughout her childhood, and I found this really interesting to see these people from a different point of view from what she remembered as a 10 year old child.  I have to admit though, whilst I am a little curious as to what it would be like for myself, I find the whole thing of influencing future events scary!

The book flowed well, although it did get confusing at times jumping backwards and forwards into different people’s bodies.  I did like the fact that she did get someone from the past to believe her (although, I won’t tell you who!) and had an ally throughout the different years.

I’d definitely recommend this book, especially if you’re into time travel books, into romance or family saga books or even if you just fancy something different!

Four stars!


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Louise Wise is a British writer and has been weaving stories all her life—and for many years, she was a ‘closet writer’ with a cupboard is full of ageing manuscripts depicting fantastical romantic adventures!

Most of her books have an element of romance, but tend to cross over into other genres, giving them a unique edge.

Her debut novel is the best-selling sci-fi romance EDEN, which was followed by its sequel HUNTED in 2013.

A PROPER CHARLIE is a romantic comedy written purely for the chick lit market, but then she decided to unite her love of all things supernatural with romance and OH NO, I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE and WIDE AWAKE ASLEEP came along.

Her other works include SCRUFFY TRAINERS (a collection of short stories with a twist). She has written numerous short stories for women’s magazines including Women’s Own and Take a Break.

She loves hearing from her readers – the good, the bad and the ugly stuff they want to share

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