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The Secret Mother - Blog tour

Release Date:  9th November 2017 / Publisher:  Bookouture

Format: Kindle / Pages: 249

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The-Secret-Mother-KindleTessa Markham comes home to find a child in her kitchen. He thinks she’s his mother. But Tessa doesn’t have any children. 

Not anymore.

She doesn’t know who the little boy is or how he got there.

After contacting the police, Tessa comes under suspicion for snatching the child. She must fight to prove her innocence. But how can she convince everyone she’s not guilty when even those closest to her are questioning the truth? And when Tessa doesn’t even trust herself…

A chilling, unputdownable thriller with a dark twist that will take your breath away and make you wonder if you can ever trust anyone again. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and The Sister.


Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers, Bookouture, for this review copy.  Also, very pleased to be part of the Blog Tour for this book, and thank you to the publishers for organising this.

Tessa Markham comes home to find a little boy called Harry in her kitchen.  He’s not her son, her children have sadly died, and she has never seen him before.  Everyone thinks that she has taken him, but if she did, she can’t remember it.  She sets about on a mission to prove her innocence, but how can she prove that she didn’t take him when even the people closest to her believed that she did.

I’m not quite sure what to say about this book! Where do I start!!  Actually, I can only think of three words – wow, wow, wow!  What a fantastic book!  The book starts with a bang when Tessa comes home and finds Harry in her kitchen.  She’s no idea how he got there or who he belongs to but Harry tells her he’s been sent there by an angel and Tessa is his new mummy. You get caught into this story from page one and believe me, it doesn’t let up throughout the book and keeps you gripped until the very end.  You feel very much for the character of Tessa.  She’s obviously had a very bad time over the last few years.  Her twin daughter died at birth and her twin son died recently from leukaemia.  Through these dark times, Tessa’s marriage has broken down and she suffered with depression.  Being accused of kidnapping Harry, Tessa has to endure the hounding of the press, with her boss as her only ally.

It’s a book with of heartbreak and sadness mixed with mystery, deceit and intrigue.  I disliked Tessa’s ex-husband, Scott, and his new girlfriend even more.  If there was one woman who needed to be put in her place, it’s Scott’s girlfriend, Ellie.   Whilst, it was obvious where the story was going quite early on in the book, it still shocked me at the end with how it all came about.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be like that.  A great psychological thriller, with a great twist at the end!

I really enjoyed this book and would whole-heartedly recommend it!  Fantastic story!

Five stars!


about-the-authorShalini Boland lives in Dorset, England with her husband, two children and their cheeky terrier cross. Before kids, she was signed to Universal Music Publishing as a singer/songwriter, but now she spends her days writing psychological thrillers (in between school runs and hanging out endless baskets of laundry).

Shalini’s debut psychological thriller THE GIRL FROM THE SEA reached No 1 in the US Audible charts and No 7 in the UK Kindle charts. Her second thriller THE BEST FRIEND reached no 2 in the US Audible charts and No 10 in the Amazon UK Kindle charts. It also achieved number 1 in all its categories and was a Kindle All Star title for several months in a row. Shalini’s recent release THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE reached No 9 in the Kindle UK charts.

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Shalini is also the author of two bestselling Young Adult series as well as an atmospheric WWII novel with a time-travel twist.

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